Li-Ion LFP BMS 15 Cell


A 9 to 15 cell LI-Ion or LFP BMS for up to 63V systems and 20A charger / Discharge current with smart telemetry, cell balancing, thermal management, host of protections and cutoffs for industrial applications. Use Cases BMS for industrial controllers, Robotics, Shop floor vehicles, material handling robots, eBikes, eScooters, Power tools, UPS systems [...]

LoRaWAN Tracker


A compact LoRaWAN® tracker with on-board battery backup, charger and low power consumption. The tracker includes Multi-axis motion sensors and precision temperature sensor. On board trace antenna offers high RF Performance for long distance communication. Use Cases Asset racking, animal tracking, live stock tracking, Rechargeable tag for animals, Farm animals monitoring. Key Technologies [...]

Multiprotocol 2.4GHz 20dBm RF Module


A Powerful 20dBm multi-protocol RF Module based on the popular XBEE® form factor and compatible pin out. The firmware can be customized to support various protocol that use IEEE 802.15.4 standard like Ble, Bluetooth, Zigbee, Thread etc Use Cases Industrial automation, Home automation, Mesh Networks, Solar, Communication gateways, Smart Cities, Smart Lighting, Asset Management. [...]

EV Smart Charger


A Single phase 3.5KW AC smart charger with on board energy metering and 4G LTE connectivity for EV charger applications. On-Board MCU can support OCPP , JSON over MQTT communication protocols. Use Cases Single Phase EV charger, Retail commercial charger, Kirana Charger, Single phase energy metering. Key Technologies Upto 16A charge current [...]

Industrial Robotic Controller


Robotic controller for industrial applications with four smart motor drives, battery charge and management, rich telemetry, and multiprotocol communication radios, IMU, GNSS, 12x GPIOs for various sensors interfacing. Use Cases Typical use cases include Industrial Robotics controller, Material handling robotics controller, Solar panel cleaning robotics controller, RoV Controller, Underwater RoV Controller. [...]

Industrial Communication Gateway


A versatile and comprehensive industrial communication gateway, with powerful NXP i.MX8M mini processor, abundant memory, a host of wired and wireless communication options, mPCIe slot, sensor interfaces, onboard battery management, and wide input power range. Use Cases Industrial IoT, Industry 4.0, Wearhouse automation, Robotics, Asset Tracking and Monitoring, Field Communication Gateway, FAN Gateway, Border [...]

NB-IoT Indoor Environment Sensor


A comprehensive Indoor Environment Sensor that includes - Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, VoC, Gases, Ambient light and UV intensity. All of these in a sleek low profile form factor with a multi band BG96 (NB-IoT, Cat M1 and GPRS) radio module. With on-board battery charger and a low profile battery that can last many weeks [...]

Vehicle Tracking System – NB-IoT Based VTS


A fully featured Vehicle Tracking System board designed and developed in collaboration with automotive industry experts. Combines all features every requested of a Vehicle Tracking product. Built around a proven ARM Cortex M4 NXP MCU, with Motion detection, geo-fencing, ignition cutoff and many more features in a integrated low cost form factor. Connectivity provided [...]

Zigbee To MODBUS TCP/IP Gateway


A Zigbee to Modbus TCP IP Gateway for applications in Industrial IoT (IIoT). The gateway has on board PoE+ (IEEE 802.3at) and also optional external power provision. An on-board ARM Cortex M4 MCU allows for custom firmware and edge processing, edge analytics on the data. Can be readily used with existing Zigbee sensors and [...]

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