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Electronic Design

We are experts at Analog, Digital or Mixed Signal circuit design, Single Side to Multi Layer PCB layout, Customized parts library design – in short any design requirement at any stage of a electronic product or solution development.… More

Electronic Product Development

One stop prototyping services for all your electronic requirements at Ensemble Tech. From helping you stream line your product idea or concept to developing a working prototype, in the shortest time at the lowest possible cost.… More

Electronic product manufacturing

With our manufacturing services we can help you scale up production and take your product to the market in no time. From sourcing parts to shipping finished electronic products we take care of the entire manufacturing cycle.… More



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Electric Vehicles

While others look at EVs as a new emerging domain, for us it is a convergence of fundamental technologies like Drives, BMS, Connectivity, Chargers etc. Technologies that we have been working on and mastered for more than a decade now.

Electric Vehicles

  • Connected Chargers
  • Battery and BMS
  • Drives
  • Connectivity
  • Safety and Security
  • Smart Poles

Smart Cities

Smart cities is one of the biggest slice in the IoT pie. Ease of large scale deployments, long lasting and reliable operations, are key for the smart city segment. Communication technologies that can scale to city wide operations is key.

Smart Cities

  • Street Lighting
  • Energy Metering
  • Water / Gas metering
  • Parking
  • Environment Sensors
  • Safety / Security

Health Care

Our health care focus ranges from wearables for individuals to complete smart hospitals. Small, ergonomic ultra low power wearables to comprehensive all in one hospital automation solutions, that lead to smart health care facilities.

Health Care

  • Wearable Sensors
  • Hospital Automation
  • Patient Tracking
  • Medical Adherence
  • IoT Gateways
  • Medical Instruments

Industrial IoT

Our Industrial IoT offerings are rugged, reliable, accurate and built to last. Developed for the specific deployment and handling conditions in mind. Our IIoT solutions are built to add value, increase productivity and safety.

Industrial IoT

  • Sensors
  • IoT Gateways
  • Asset Management
  • Control Systems
  • Robotics
  • Wearables

Smart Home

Smart Home segment encompasses all types of residential buildings. Ease of use, intuitive and low cost are our development goals for Smart Homes. Seamless integration with personal communication devices is also a key factor.

Smart Home

  • Sensors
  • Lighting
  • Climate Control
  • Saftey and Security
  • In-Home IoT gateways
  • Building IoT gateways

Connected Vehicles

From personal vehicles to commercial and even industrial vehicles, products and solutions across the full spectrum of vehicles. IoT in vehicles with automotive grade electronics, built to with stand the most challenging of environments.

Connected Vehicles

  • In-Vehicle Sensors
  • On-Vehicle Sensors
  • IoT Gateways
  • Asset Management
  • Trackers
  • OBD II Devices

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