Our BLE WiFi Gateway is based on Bluetooth 5 and supports BLE Mesh and Bluetooth Long Range modes, making it the most versatile gateway / bridge of its kind. It is a low cost gateway that has three ARM Cortex Mx cores on-board that together make the gateway quite powerful and at the same time ultra low power and low cost.

Use Cases

The BLE WiFi Gateway can be used in varied applications from Smart homes, Industrial IoT, work place automation, asset tracking and just about any IoT use case. Availability of BLE Mesh feature also makes it ideal for indoor and outdoor lighting applications.

Key Technologies

The gateway is built around Nordic Semi’s industry leading and pioneering nRF52840 Bluetooth 5 SoC for Bluetooth and TI’s CC3200 WiFi SoC for the WiFi communication. An on-board application MCU, rechargeable LI-Ion battery support and USB interface for configuration complete the gateway.