Irrespective of the industry and the scale of the application, automation can enable efficiency beyond expectations. We at Ensemble Tech have delivered many automation solutions and have witnessed the difference automation can bring to otherwise conventional processes. The key to an effective automation solution is cross domain know how, and that is where our experience with different domains pays off.

Traditionally, automation solutions have been perceived and implemented using PLCs and off the shelf components. While such approaches can get the job done, they are never the optimal solutions for small and medium requirements.  PLC based automation solutions are ideal for one off implementation or for large requirements like complex process controls. Our solutions based on embedded systems are tailor made for specific requirements and hence bring in efficiencies and customization possibilities that are very difficult to achieve with off the shelf components and PLCs. In many cases we have brought down the implementation cost for an automation solution by as much as 60% when compared with PLC based solutions.

We have worked on new product developments as well as retrofitting existing systems and machines. Working with diverse clients with diverse requirements has enabled us to forge together a strong network of suppliers and service providers. This enables us to deliver turnkey solutions that require expertise outside our core competencies.