A multipurpose NB-IoT sensor module with on board temperature, pressure / barometer, 3 axis accelerometer, 3 axis Gyro, 3 axis magnetometer, GPS and rechargeable battery to last many days. All of these packed into a tiny match box form factor, that can be integrated into any IoT applications.

Use Cases

Typical use cases for the sensor include in general Asset tracking and monitoring for logistic applications. Activity monitoring for workers and employees in a wearable form factor. Cargo conditions monitoring and logging for high value and sensitive cargo.

Key Technologies

Built around theĀ SIM7000E module which is a NB-IoT, LTE Cat M1 module with GPRS fall back for regions without NB-IoT or LTE Cat M1 networks. A combination of sensors and a rechargeable battery. Communication with cloud application is via MQTT protocol.