Our aim at Ensemble Tech is to be a world class Electronic Design Services (EDS) and Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider. In keeping with these ambition we offer top of the line EMS services to our clients. From short run production for prototyping and Proof of Concept projects to long run full volume production projects, we can handle any electronic manufacturing requirements.

We have experience and expertise in all electronics manufacturing processes, no matter what the requirement. From small run manual assembly and soldering to medium and high volume manufacturing with automated state of the art SMD and through hole assembly and soldering processes.

We believe that a client seeks out an EMS service provider to handle the whole production cycle and not just parts of the process. If we are the EDS provider for the project, then all the client needs to do is communicate the production volumes and we take care of the rest. Alternatively, the client hands over the manufacturing data to us and we take over from there. In either case we plan and execute the rest of the process and deliver the finished products to the client.

Our EMS offerings complement our EDS services and furthers the advantages to the client. If we are the design services provider, thinks become very simple when it comes to manufacturing because the design, the sourcing and the manufacturing data is already as per our processes and we can go into production almost immediately.