Circuit Design

The success and reliability of any electronic product is sealed at the circuit design stage. Any mistake or oversight at the circuit design stage can lead to unexpected product behaviour over time and in many cases product failure. Leading to support and service issues for the client and bad customer experiences. We at Ensemble Tech understand this all too well and hence insist on understanding the customer requirement thoroughly before embarking on a design project.

                Another key to a good electronic circuit design is the know-how of the latest electronic components and devices that are available at any given time. Electronic devices and components are evolving every day and various manufacturers are bringing in new efficiencies in cost, size, power, speed and in many cases in all of these factors. While there can be a tendency to stick to the tried and tested products for every design, we at Ensemble refrain from doing that. We go out of our comfort zone and use the latest products that are in the best interest of the project.

We have experience with most areas of an electronic circuit design. Be it analog, digital or mixed signal designs. We also have experience with extremely low power designs for power critical battery powered devices, to high power design involving power electronics.  On the speed front we have experience with low speed as well as most high speed circuit designs. In all we have a versatile set of capabilities that enable us to deliver the most optimum electronic circuit designs for our clients’ needs.