Prototyping of electronic circuits and products is one of our primary line of work at Ensemble Tech. We are among the handful of companies in India, which can handle end-to-end electronic prototyping requirements. Starting from clearly defining the client’s requirement to the final deployment we handle the whole process. More importantly almost the entire process is completed in-house. This enables shortest time to market at the least cost possible.

Our prototyping or product development services include the whole cycle of an electronic product manufacturing. The following are included in our prototyping services.

  • Requirement study and definition
  • Schematic or circuit design
  • PCB design
  • PCB fabrication
  • BOM sourcing
  • Assemble and manufacturing
  • Firmware development
  • Testing
  • Deployment
  • Post deployment support

Electronic prototyping cannot get any easier than that. The only things that the client has to do to ensure a successful product is to come up with a clear requirement statement. Our being a one stop service provider for the whole development cycle has many direct and indirect advantages to our clients. Some of the primary advantages are

  • Shortest time to market
  • Lowest development cost
  • Most efficient and optimized design
  • No need for separate hardware and firmware design consultants
  • Seamless engineering leading to easy testing and very little debugging, if any.
  • Easy revisions and upgrades