PCB Design

The function of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) in electronic manufacturing has evolved very much in line with electronics itself. At one time PCBs were a means to establishing connections between components and supporting them physically in a form that is easy to manufacture and handle. Today, in addition to that basic function a PCB today plays a much bigger role in electronic products. Depending on the application and a whole lot of parameters PCB design can go a long way in deciding the performance of a product in the long run.

Today we have tools and technologies that enable the design and manufacturing of a PCB to micro meter accuracies. In terms of physical materials there are various options with which a PCB can be made. There are specific materials that are best for high power or extreme temperatures or high frequency RF designs etc. In all PCB design today can be a complex task depending on the application, which requires a very specific skill set and experience. We at Ensemble Tech have both the skill set and the experience for most PCB design requirements.

We also have a very reliable and professional network of fabrication partners, both domestic and overseas who are the very best in their market segments. Having worked with top of the line manufacturers also enables us to design PCB that are in line with most global manufacturing practices and specifications. To ensure that our designs do hot hit any manufacturing problems, we perform through design rule checks (DRC) and Design for Manufacturing (DFM) on all of our designs.