A customized Industrial IoT Sensor for proximity detection. We converted a traditional industrial sensor into a IoT enabled sensor by adding BLE communication. Based on the type of sensor (Digital / Analog / 4-20mA) we can customize any traditional sensor and add popular communication technology (Wired / Wireless) to enable IIoT use cases.

Use Cases

This Industrial IoT sensor is a BLE based wireless equivalent to wired inductive proximity sensors. It can be used in all typical use cases of a proximity switch / sensor in industrial applications. BLE ensures ultra low power consumption for wireless communication, with Industrial level reliability in communication.

Key Technologies

Built around the Nordic nRF52840 SoC which is capable of BLE Mesh communication. With a DC power input and rechargeable battery to operate even in LoP conditions. This industrial IoT sensor can also be customized to interface with any generic sensors with digital or analog output.

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