No modern electronic device is complete without considerable amount of code development. The code development can be in the form of firmware development for an embedded microcontroller or processor. Alternatively, it is possible that the code be for a cloud application or a mobile application. In either case as an end to end solutions provider we support our clients with both requirements.

Firmware development for all kinds of microcontrollers and processors is one of our core competency. We have developed customized firmware from our founding in 2003 for hundreds of projects. We have developed firmware for many industry leading MCU and MPU architectures. We have developed code for almost all peripheral devices and features that are present on modern controllers and processors.

The key to a good firmware development is a thorough understanding of how the code works on the hardware level. This comes naturally to us because electronic hardware design is our other core competency. Hence we are in the best possible position to design hardware keeping in perspective the firmware control and develop reliable firmware that integrates seamlessly into the designed hardware.

We have in-house expertise to develop code following various coding standards applicable to specific industries, global standards and certification requirements. We understand the importance of such standards form an interoperability, compliance standpoint and follow the same as and when applicable based on the application of the product.

For low power battery operated devices the right firmware is critical. Firmware done right on battery powered devices can make devices function for years on a single charge. On the other hand firmware done wrong can drain a battery in a few hours. Over the years we have mastered the art of developing firmware that can squeeze the most out of a battery while not compromising on the application.