Monitoring and Control

Our monitoring and control solutions are the interface between the real world and the digital world. Naturally, they are a very important part of all our solutions. Monitoring and control is all about ease of access and flexibility. Because communications technologies and personal digital devices that have become ubiquitous, these are exciting times for monitoring and control solutions.

We can implement standalone monitoring and control solutions, as well as distributed systems and also interactive systems. To implement these we use various data acquisition techniques using a wide gamut of sensors, transducers and signal conversion devices. Data once acquired and digitized can then be communicated across to the end user using a host of communication technologies both wired and wireless. Finally the data has to presented in a meaningful way for the user or the system to make use of.

Today, we have the knowhow and the tools to take information anywhere from physical control panels installed next to machines to virtual instrumentation based controls that can run on personal communication devices like mobile phones and tablets. Communication is the key for monitoring solutions and that is one of our core competency.