Our Bluetooth 5 Beacons offer all the advantages of the latest Bluetooth 5 technology, in terms of long range and low power consumption. Ultra low power, low cost and compact form factor makes our beacons ideal for any type and size of deployment. We have optimized our beacons to last for many years on single coin cell batteries. We have multiple types and versions of beacons that suit different use cases and price requirements of our clients. We can also customize any and every aspect of our beacons to better suit any client requirements. Also look at our other Bluetooth 5 products.

Use Cases

Designed with different applications and use cases in consideration, our Bluetooth 5 Beacons are suitable for cost sensitive personal devices to rugged industrial applications. Typical use cases for the beacons include in Asset tracking, retail, marketing, smart luggage, Insurance, robotics, health care and more.

Key Technologies

Our beacons are based on industry leading SoCs from Nordic Semiconductors. Unlike other beacons that are Bluetooth 5 compatible, our beacons are actually Bluetooth 5 beacons with extended range, faster communication and better battery life.