While working with clients from various industry verticals and solving some of the pain points that they have had, we have come to understand many of the industry verticals ourselves and have developed some ready to deploy solutions for many typical application scenarios across these verticals.

Following are a part of our focus verticals where we have ready to deploy devices, products and even complete end to end connected IoT solutions. For some of these verticals where data security is a concern and IoT is not a necessity we also have stand alone systems that can operate without internet connectivity, ensuring the data never leaves the client premises.



Industrial IoT (IIoT) is one of our key focus segments and we are working with many industrial clients, small and big for various industrial solutions. Across different sectors from automotive, Lighting, packaging, energy and defense we are working with some of the most prominent brands in India and oversees.

Our offerings for the Industrial segments include custom and specialized sensors, asset trackers, protocol converters and complete Industrial IoT gateways. We leverage the latest of connectivity and communication technologies to enable best value through our solutions.


Smart Cities is the largest IoT segment in terms of sheer volumes and size of deployments. The challenge with smart city solutions is to create reliable, scalable and maintenance free systems that can operate for years without requiring maintenance and human intervention. Another aspect of smart cities is economy of the solution and operations.

We have years of experience with scalable solutions for smart cities in the lighting and metering segments. We offer solutions for these two segments using various cellular, as well as LPWAN technologies.



Smart homes residences and buildings is a growing and a broad segment, as it encompasses a wide array of devices and gadgets. The smart home segment, being mostly consumer driven is also rapidly evolving and changing segment. We are working with clients to help develop sustainable solutions for safety, security and improving efficiencies in residential buildings and homes.

We have developed smart home IoT gateways that can interact with various sensors and personal communication devices like mobile phones, to enable comfortable, safer and more efficient homes.


Applications and requirements in the health care segment range from personal health monitoring devices to complex systems that help run large health care facilities and hospitals. Reliability and data security are key concerns in any health care solution.

We are working with some of the leading organizations in the health care segment, with systems to track patients and their health, health care personnel and also systems that help run and manage hospitals and other health care facilities in a smarter and more efficient way that ever.



In the connected vehicles segment, in addition to traditional asset tracking and monitoring solutions, newer applications are communing up. Varied solutions aimed at preventing pilferage, tamper and improper handling of cargo. Also, solutions aimed at optimizing utilization of transportation for both passenger and cargo segments.

For the vehicular segment we have devices for vehicle tracking and monitoring. We also have specialized sensors aimed at seat occupancy monitoring in passenger vehicles and vehicular IoT gateways that can capture various sensor data from vehicles.


Agricultural IoT solutions is another segment that we are seeing rapid grown in. One of the biggest challenges with agricultural solutions is communications. Establishing reliable and dependable communication systems and networks that can span large farm lands is the key. Whether you’re looking to buy used rock pickers, tractor or combine for your farm operation, you can find a complete list of specifications here!

Our experience with various mesh, LPWAN and cellular communication technologies enables us to create reliable solutions that is ideal for the deployment at hand. Very often a combination of these technologies is needed and we have the know-how for the same.


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