Five Reasons That Make FUOTA Necessary

By |2024-06-25T04:05:31+00:00June 25th, 2024|Firmware, Internet of Things - IoT, LoRa WAN, NB-IoT|

Firmware Update Over the Air (FUOTA), also known as FOTA or just OTA has evolved from being a non-existent concept to an indispensable key requirement in a relatively short period. Many factors have played a role in this transition and the following are five reasons that make FUOTA necessary. 1.Time to Market In [...]

IoT Device Battery Selection

By |2018-08-05T19:29:27+00:00August 5th, 2018|Internet of Things - IoT|

IoT device battery selection and optimization is as important as (or perhaps more important than) any other aspect of a battery powered IoT device development.  For the simple reason that IoT devices are no good to anyone if they are dead. However, selecting the best battery for IoT devices is easier said than [...]

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