The requirement was to develop a Smart Home IoT Gateway cum Hub for applications in a home environment. The primary application was related to medical adherence with hardware and firmware that can accommodate a bigger gamut of applications as and when required. The product was designed to be the center of a wireless personal area network and included 4G-LTE, Wi-Fi and BLE with supporting MCU and power capabilities. The device can interact with a customized medical adherence device as well as other Wi-Fi and BLE gadgets. For publishing the data to a supporting cloud application the device was designed to automatically switch between either Wi-Fi or 4G-LTE based on the availability of the respective network with first priority to Wi-Fi. The device was designed to be powered by any USB charger and last a entire day on a single charge while operating under 4G-LTE. The enclosure was designed to ensure minimal interference to the various RF signals, all operating with internal antennas.