A multi axis industrial robotic controller, that can control up to 3 independent axes for any industrial indoor / outdoor robotic use cases. With On-Board AC-DC converter, battery charger and management unit, Motors drives and control logic all on a single board with wireless control capabilities.

Use Cases

Typical use cases range from robotic arms, material handling robotic vehicles and rail mounted or guided robots for various applications. These controllers are currently being used for material handling applications. This controller is developed as a generic platform for any industrial robotic application. The controller can be paired with our Zigbee to Modbus TCP/IP gateway for control from a SCADA. 

Key Technologies

Built around a powerful ARM Cortex M4 MCU the controller has high power intelligent motor drives with various fault tolerance, safety and protection features making the platform a rugged platform. With high power Zigbee module for long range wireless communication and control.