Industrial IoT Gateways development project that has all nature of communication and signal interfaces, making the IIOT Gateway more than just a gateway. It is an IoT gateway that can also be a programmable controller and a high-speed data acquisition product all roller into a easy to use and compact DIN rail mount enclosure.

Use Cases

This versatile and generic industrial iot gateway / controller can be used for almost all industries and machines, from standalone induction motor monitoring to complete industrial processes. It has a powerful API interface over industry standard MQTT protocol, that can be used for all configurations, data acquisition and control processes.

Key Technologies

This gateway is built around a high speed ARM Cortex M4 NXP MCU with expandable memories for high speed data logging and buffering. It has Modbus RTU support over RS485, a RS232 interface, 3 phase utility grade energy/power monitoring, 8 channel high speed 12 bit ADC and up to 16 GPIOs. The back haul connectivity is through either an on board 10/100 Ethernet interface or a 4G cellular interface. Communication with cloud IoT application is via MQTT protocol.

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