Our Bluetooth 5 4G LTE Gateway is a multipurpose gateway with full Bluetooth 5 capabilities, including long range and speed improvements. Designed and built to automotive and industrial specifications, it can also work equally well in smart home IoT applications.

Use Cases

Can be used as a home automation hub and gateway for smart homes. Also ideal for Industrial IoT (IIoT) applications including sensor , automation and asset tracking applications. Can be configured to capture various In-Vehicle and On-Vehicle sensors for AIS-140 compliance in vehicles. Also works as an extension to our Bluetooth / BLE based OBD 2 scanners, to publish OBD 2 data to IoT cloud platforms.

Key Technologies

Using Nordic Semi nRF52840 for Bluetooth 5 and SIM7600I for 4G-LTE connectivity. Has a rugged power supply with Load Dump protection for use in Automotive applications on both 12V and 24V DC vehicles and Industrial conditions. An on board SD card socket for data logging and ARM Cortex MCU for limited edge processing.