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Traditionally, to take a electronic product from being an idea to a marketable product one has to go through several stages of development and consequently to several vendors of such services. At Ensemble Tech, our biggest advantage is our ability to deliver one stop end-to-end solutions for such customized requirements. We have in-house expertise at every stage of a product development. Starting from defining the exact requirement of the client to designing, prototyping, programming, testing to delivery.

Our being a one stop electronic solutions provider leads to many significant peripheral advantages for our clients. Since the whole development cycle is handled by us, the development time is reduced by less than 50% of the conventional duration. The development cost also comes down by almost the same margin or in many cases even lower. However, the biggest advantage is perhaps is the technical support that we can offer as a single point of contact for the whole development cycle. With a new product development changes and revisions are always a part of the process and when that happens we are in a position to incorporate those changes faster and better.

Naturally, one stop solutions always work better for the end user too because of a uniform line of thought going into the product from start to finish. One of the key problem area with such electronic development is the integration between the hardware and the software or firmware. Embedded software and hardware have to be very carefully planned and executed with a clear plan for them to be reliable and since we handle both in house we can ensure that too.

Do get in touch with us if you have an electronic development requirement and we will show you how all of these can work to your advantage and enable you to get to a solution or a great product easier, faster and cheaper. Alternatively if you are looking for support with specific stages of a product development have a look at the various services we offer at different stages of electronic development.