Non Invasive Drug Delivery Device – Iontophoretic


Non-invasive drug delivery is an upcoming area in personal health care for localized drug delivery. Iontophoresis is one of the most widely used techniques used for non-invasive drug delivery. Typically Iontohoresis devices are expensive or bulky or both. With this device designed and developed for IDBR, we have made the device at less than 50% [...]

Smart Home Hub for Health Care

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A customized product designed to be the center of a wireless personal area network and included 4G-LTE, Wi-Fi and BLE with supporting MCU and power capabilities. The device can interact with a custom medical adherence device as well as other Wi-Fi and BLE gadgets.

OBD2 Scanner

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Existing OBD2 scanners are not compatible with all mobile OS or do not support all OBD2 standards used by various car manufacturers. We changed that.

Prototyping – USB to Multi-Protocol Wireless Converter

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The requirement was to design a USB to Multi-Protocol Wireless interface, that was capable of Zigbee, Bluetooth, WiFi and general purpose UART Conversion.

Prototyping – Customized Gaming Device

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The requirement was to design and prototype a customized device that is used for a very specific field game using low cost MCUs with integrated LCD drivers.

Prototyping – Cyclone FPGA Board Design

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The Clients requirement was a general purpose prototyping board based on the low cost Cyclone 2 FPGA by altera, we did the schematic, PCB and prototyping

Prototyping – Underwater ROV Navigation Control

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In this prototyping project, we designed a Navigation and Control board for an Under Water ROV, with an IMU unit for heading and orientation feedback.

Prototyping – Printer Cartridge Filling Machine

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Details of a customized prototyping project for a popular printing inks manufacturer in India. The requirement was to make a automated machine for printer ink dispensing.

Prototyping – Dual H Bridge Drive for Under Water ROV

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This was a customized prototyping project and the requirement was to design and develop a Dual H Bridge Drive to run thrusters of an under water remotely operated vehicle. The clients requirement was to compete the project with the lowest component count and still have all features like short circuit prevention, over current limiting and [...]