Industrial IoT Gateway Development


Industrial IoT Gateways development project that has all nature of communication and signal interfaces, making the IIOT Gateway more than just a gateway. It is an IoT gateway that can also be a programmable controller and a high-speed data acquisition product all roller into a easy to use and compact DIN rail mount enclosure. [...]

Bluetooth 5 to 4G LTE Gateway


Our Bluetooth 5 4G LTE Gateway is a multipurpose gateway with full Bluetooth 5 capabilities, including long range and speed improvements. Designed and built to automotive and industrial specifications, it can also work equally well in smart home IoT applications. Use Cases Can be used as a home automation hub and gateway for [...]

Smart Home IoT Gateway


The requirement was to develop a Smart Home IoT Gateway cum Hub for applications in a home environment. The primary application was related to medical adherence with hardware and firmware that can accommodate a bigger gamut of applications as and when required. The product was designed to be the center of a wireless personal area [...]

OBD2 Scanner


Most On-Board Diagnostics-II (OBD2) scanners on the market are compromised, either in terms of their compatibility with certain mobile operating systems, or they lack support for certain OBD2 physical standards. Hence they are either not an option for a section of users that are aligned with a certain mobile operating system or they do not [...]

Prototyping – Underwater ROV Navigation Control


The requirement was to make a navigation and control system for a underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV), with features like heading hold, position hold, way point navigation etc. The system uses a 10 DOF IMU for heading, orientation and position information. Additionally a depth sensor amplifier is included to enable the ROV to dive to [...]

Prototyping – Dual H Bridge Drive for Under Water ROV


This was a customized prototyping project and the requirement was to design and develop a Dual H Bridge Drive to run thrusters of an under water remotely operated vehicle. The clients requirement was to compete the project with the lowest component count and still have all features like short circuit prevention, over current limiting and [...]

PCB Design – Chopper Drive for 120V/10A Stepper Motor


The clients' requirement was a customized retrofitting solution for a cutting machine and we handled the project from end to end. Shown here is the PCB that was designed for the motor drive that went into the application. The drive is for a 120V/ 10A Bipolar Stepper Motor, with various features like Over Voltage, Current detection [...]