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Bluetooth 5 to 4G LTE Gateway

Bluetooth 5 / BLE 5 to 4G-LTE cellular gateway for IoT use cases in connected homes, vehicles and industries. Can be configured to capture various In-Vehicle and On-Vehicle sensors for AIS-140 compliance in vehicles. Also [...]


Smart Home Hub for Health Care

A customized product designed to be the center of a wireless personal area network and included 4G-LTE, Wi-Fi and BLE with supporting MCU and power capabilities. The device can interact with a custom medical adherence device as well as other Wi-Fi and BLE gadgets.


Prototyping – Dual H Bridge Drive for Under Water ROV

This was a customized prototyping project and the requirement was to design and develop a Dual H Bridge Drive to run thrusters of an under water remotely operated vehicle. The clients requirement was to compete [...]

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This portfolio is a small showcase of some of the projects that we have completed in the recent past with the various solutions,services that we offer. Needless to say we have not included many of our projects here for reasons like Government Projects and Projects where we are bound by Non Disclosure Agreements. If you have any requirement in line with our offerings do contact us with the details of your requirement and we will get back to you with relevant information.
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