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Electronic design services

We are experts at Analog, Digital or Mixed Signal circuit design, Single Side to Multi Layer PCB layout, Customized parts library design – in short any design requirement at any stage of a electronic product or solution development.… More

Electronic product development

One stop prototyping services for all your electronic requirements at Ensemble Tech. From helping you stream line your product idea or concept to developing a working prototype, in the shortest time at the lowest possible cost.… More

electronic manufacturing services

With our manufacturing services we can help you scale up production and take your product to the market in no time. From sourcing parts to shipping finished electronic products we take care of the entire manufacturing cycle.… More

Embedded systems is at the heart of everything that we do. Almost all our services, solutions and products revolve around embedded systems. For more than a decade we have worked on embedded solutions for diverse sectors and clients. We work with different architectures and devices by most of the popular semiconductor manufacturers. From small portable devices to complex machine control solutions, we support our clients with any embedded requirement…More

Communication in various forms and using different technologies, is making electronic systems more productive and user friendly. We at Ensemble are working with most of the popular communication technologies on a daily basis. Be it wired, wireless, optical or even power line communication, we have delivered solutions based on them. We have implemented communication solutions for new devices as well as by retro fitting existing systems…More

Automation systems driven by embedded systems either for standalone products, machines or for more elaborate distributed systems – we have the requisite solutions no matter what the requirement. We have years of experience working with any and every ingredient that goes into an automation solution – sensors, transducers, controllers, actuators, motors displays – you name it, we have it. We can offer one stop automation solutions for any and every requirement…More

We offer customized monitoring and control solutions for micro, small and medium scale enterprises, residential applications, storage and warehousing. Either using wireless communication technologies like Zigbee, WiFi, or using wired technologies we have delivered solutions for both distributed and discreet requirements. More recently we have delivered solutions using IoT related technologies and cloud computing for pervasive monitoring and controls…More


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Recent Articles

  • NB-IoT in India

NB-IoT in India

March 15th, 2018|0 Comments

NB-IoT in India has arrived and things have never looked this great for the IoT industry here. Because IoT is all about connectivity and wireless is the only way to connect billions of Things. While there are many wireless communication technologies around that are great for specific use cases. A cellular IoT (CIoT) technology, that can actually deliver on the promise of LPWAN was needed. Lo and behold, NB-IoT has [...]


The LPWAN Conundrum – Missing Piece in the IoT Puzzle

July 21st, 2016|0 Comments

The Void in IoT Communications For those of us who are in the IoT space and in the M2M wireless communication space, there has always been a missing piece in the communication options, so far the range of communication is concerned. There are short distance communication technologies Bluetooth, Zigbee, Wi-Fi etc and then there are network based long distance cellular communication technologies (GSM). Between the two ends there [...]

  • LoRa Frequency Band

LoRa Frequency Bands in India

June 10th, 2016|22 Comments

Are there any license free LoRa frequency bands in India? We have been getting this question from many clients over the past couple of months and we thought we will make it clear as to where we stand on the matter at this time. A little back ground first because most people (even many IoT experts) are just discovering LoRa. LoRa can work with [...]